Post Date: 24/07/2017

What causes bad breath?

Bad breath is usually caused by the bacteria that live in a person s mouth. For the majority of people (85 to 90% of those who have bad breath the single most frequent source of their breath odor problem is related to oral bacteria. Bacteria, just like people, go through their lives consuming foods and excreting wastes. The wastes of some oral bacteria are sulfur compounds and lying on our tongues and teeth. It is primarily these odoriferous wastes which usually lie at the root of a person s bad breath.


How do you cure bad breath?

You can improve the quality of our breath by cleaning the mouth in a manner which helps to :

  • Minimize the amount of food available for these bacteria.
  • Minimize the total number of these bacteria that exist.
  • Make any environment in which these bacteria do live less hospitable.
  • Besides, you should go to dentists every 6 months to cleanse our teeth.